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Transformation Design

Designing “matters of concern“ (Latour): A future design task?
Chapter in Jonas, Zerwas, von Anshelm 2015: Transformation Design – Perspectives on a New Design Attitude, Birkhäuser (BIRD – Board of International Researchers in Design), p.202-226

BIRD-Titel Kopie


Scope drill down skizze

“Scope and drill down” method by PFS
seamlessly scaling from the most complete scope of a project to the smallest detail

Knowledge Trees

Bildschirmfoto 2015-04-27 um 21.03.33

Wissens-Räume – Wissens-Bäume, räumlich erfahrbare Vermittlug von Wissens-Zusammenhängen

Knowlegde – Design – Organization


The Design of Knowledge Communities based on Pattern Language
Given the corporate goal of innovation it is crucial to tap into the informal and tacit knowledge types that knowledge management fails to address (Master Thesis Soenke Petersen, cooperation Daimler)